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The sun pays the bill
The Sun pays The Bill
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Karantonis Net-Metering
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The 30-year experience of Karantonis Group in the Energy Sector combined with our qualified expertise and the Quality Management System applied, render K-ENERGY by Karantonis among the most reliable option in the Energy and Renewable Energy Sources Sector.


Being customer's satisfaction oriented and aiming to provide the best quality services to our customers, we guarantee the provision of "Value for Money". This asset in conjunction with the security derived from the experience of Karantonis Group, render K-ENERGY by Karantonis an affordable option to every residential, commercial and industrial consumer.


The rising energy cost enforces the consumer to seek ways in order to offset his energy needs. The qualified experience in technology and energy applications of Karantonis Group assures the effectiveness and efficiency of systems and services provided. Being consumer oriented and faithful to these values K-ENERGY by Karantonis is committed to provide viable solutions.

K-ENERGY by Karantonis is designated to serve the human society maintaining at the same time the sustainability of natural systems and the environment, which will be delivered to the next generations. Equipped with the added values given by the Renewable Energy Sources and Energy Saving, through the rational and prudent energy management, we set as our goal to contribute positively in the effort put to reduce the Environmental pollution.

Led by our vision to break free and be independent of conventional energy sources and the subsequent environment pollution due to Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions, we aim to reduce the energy consumption and increase the generation of pure energy by exploiting the Renewable Energy Sources; Energy intertwined with the environment for a better future, Energy in Harmony with Nature.

Η παραγωγή ενέργειας από τον ήλιο στην Κύπρο είναι μία πολύ ελκυστική και παράλληλα βιώσιμη επένδυση με ποικίλες εφαρμογές στην γεωργοκτηνοτροφία όπως...


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